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Brocade weaving and embroidery are found in most of the provinces, but mainly in the districts of Sapa Vietnam, Bac Ha, and Van Ban. Particularly in Sapa Vietnam, there are more than a dozen brocade weaving villages in Ta Phin, San Sa Ho and Sapa communes. Van Ban district is concentrated in 4 traditional brocade weaving villages, belonging to the communes: Duong Quy, Khanh Yen Ha, Liem Phu, Chieng Ken. And Bac Ha district has established brocade weaving and embroidery cooperative in Ban Pho commune. This cooperative has linked with production facilities of Ha Tay to deploy training programs, production and business activities are relatively effective.

With the goal of maintaining and developing traditional crafts, preserving cultural identity, at the same time increasing income, contributing to poverty reduction. Since 1999, the in Sapa Vietnam District Women’s Union has built a project to preserve and develop brocade craft in Ta Phin commune, participating in the project with many research experts, domestic and foreign agencies helping with the project. expertise and funding. Initially the goal of the project was to establish a Brocade Club in Hanoi, after a period of operation, realizing that the effect was not high, the club was moved to Ta Phin commune with the number of women participating in the project. The original family was 30 people, including 16 people from the Mong ethnic group, 14 people from the Dao ethnic group.

In the following years, SiDa – Thuy Diem Foundation continued to sponsor, open training courses on methods and techniques of textiles, provide patterns and new product samples for women in the club, thanks That is why the textile and garment skills of the members improve rapidly. The products made are more and more abundant and diverse, which are consumed not only locally and other regions of the country but also exported to Italy, France, and the United States through a number of intermediary agents in Hanoi, highly appreciated by customers for quality and design.

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