January rain

January rain is rarely heavy, but mostly just like dust in Tho Ha ancient village. The type of “flying dust” is the early morning, enough to wet the streets of villages and alleys, enough to wash away the dust more or less remaining on the trees and leaves, enough to refresh the buds in spring, enough to make a girl. sitting in fascination watching the spring raindrops and missing your lover… is stopping. And when it stopped, only half an hour later it was clear cloud, pouring sunshine, sober as if there had never been any rain before! But now, the sky and earth are bright, fresh and fresh as after a… bleaching!

January rain makes the scenery of spring become quiet, anxious, and fades the inherent warmth and greenness of spring in Tho Ha ancient village. January rain seems to arouse in people’s hearts the feelings that have long been buried in the heart but have not had the opportunity to express to anyone. Whether it’s sweet happiness, or sadness, loneliness in mind, I still want to express it once before the cold rain.

January rain is sad in Tho Ha ancient village, but sometimes it is like a friend to share our feelings, share all the joys and sorrows in life, so that we understand that let’s live a little slower to reflect on life, about what we’ve been through. Because those are precious days to let us realize that we need to cherish and cherish what is in the present and look forward to a better life in the future.

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