January night

The mist hovering in front of the alley is a signal of a new day in Tho Ha ancient village. The dew is very thin, very light, slowly covering the scene like a soft white silk peacefully draped over the thin shoulders of the mother. The dew gradually disappeared when the bright yellow sun drops fell all over the garden. Oh, it’s sunshine. Bright yellow sun, pushing the sky higher. Fluffy, light porous clouds move gently, giving space to the sun.

Just cold enough for the girl to pose with a thin coat, for the guy to quietly and naturally put on more clothes for his lover. January night, the dew drops neatly on the foliage. The night is not dark, but relaxed and peaceful with gentle footsteps in the alley. On the full moon of January, the full moon shines brightly, illuminating each road in the neighborhood like daytime in Tho Ha ancient village. Children gathered together to play blindfolded catching goats, bursting laughter…

A warm, happy January night in Tho Ha ancient village. There is a drop of sadness out of tune. That’s the bird’s cry: “Make her tie up”. Although bustling with the incense of the night of January, my heart still feels sad when I hear that cry resounding in the night. Yes, happy, sad. That’s exactly what life is.

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