Intoxicated with the scent of honey grass

How to forget a special herb, whose fragrance dispels depression, activates fresh emotions. That is honey grass. If you grew up in the countryside in Tho Ha ancient village, where the rice fields and cornfields spread, who wouldn’t know about the weeds under their feet. Any shepherd child who doesn’t play cockfighting, or uses cotton grass to play a game of fake battle rolling around on the embankment, gets sewn flowers and plants all over his clothes… And how can one forget a special species of grass, which has The fragrance dispels depression, activates fresh emotions. That is honey grass.

Honeydew grass is a smooth green long-leaf grass, the branches of purple heart leaves are raised from the strong root cluster, when dried, it will give off a sweet, pleasant fragrance. It is not clear when people discovered that fragrant honeydew grass, only when we grew up, we reached the age of taking cattle to herd every school break, we knew together to explore and preserve the scent. its. We know that in order to smell good and hold the scent for a long time, the roots must be uprooted, and moreover, it must be taken early in the morning countryside in Tho Ha ancient village, when the grass is still covered with wet drops of night dew. Just shake off the soil and dry it in the sun, the grass will wither and it will start to release its scent.

The first scent has the smell of dirt and roots, then the sweetness of branches and leaves, the passion of the damp night dew, the coolness of the early sunshine… The experience we whispered to each other, was when the grass was grass. Wither, just dew it for one more night and let it dry in the sun again. The drier, the more honey grass gives off an attractive aroma. Not as passionate as rose, not as seductive as jasmine, but a sweet and persistent scent.

In the days countryside in Tho Ha ancient village when we were studying in front of the oil lamp, we didn’t know much about scientific knowledge, that a pleasant scent can help people reduce anxiety and stress. But as an instinctive habit, keep storing dried molasses in your pocket like a treasure. Some even sew scented bags to store those fragrant grass. Going to school, going to pick vegetables on the field, when leisurely on the back of a buffalo, or when sleeping, forgetting about heaven and earth, they also carry fragrant bags by their side.

Adults also love the warm and sweet scent of honeysuckle. It was my mother who suggested that I go find the honey weed, show me how to dry it for a long time, and then remind me to put it in the pillow. It seems that after a long day full of sunshine and rain, hanging around with tired corn and rice, resting his head on a soft pillow scented with plants, his parents’ sleep is like being comforted. Then, in the morning, when my mother loosened her combed hair, listening to the fragrance spreading and swirling around her, the body seemed to be invigorated with vitality and strength.

Looking for honeysuckle among the thick grasses of many species of ken along the foothills of the tall fields, the inexperienced child will mistakenly pull out the ginger leaf grass, because they are similar in shape. Among the countless natural scents of flowers, fruits, and trees that appear in life, there are more or less herbal scents different from honey grass that make me satisfied and loved. But perhaps, the scent of honeysuckle is still the purest and closest, most seductive scent of herbs, making me fall in love with it. In the inherent purity and sweetness, the scent of honeysuckle also captures the taste of the night dew, the warm earth, the immense wind and the idyllic memories that have passed.

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