In which season should you go to Giang Ta Chai Sapa?

For those of you who are passionate about natural beauty and want to go trekking to visit the village, you should choose the trip to Giang Ta Chai in Sapa Vietnam between September and November every year, at this time the weather conditions are extremely good. cool and pleasant weather, mild autumn weather with clear blue sky makes it easy for you to have beautiful virtual live photos. At the same time, this is also the time when the terraced fields begin to turn to the color of ripe rice like a vivid and magical picture of nature. In addition, the time from December to March every year is also the time to enter the spring of Sapa with the houses hidden in the morning mist and the peach branches starting to bloom making the scenery of Giang Ta Chai in Sapa Vietnam. very poetic at the moment.

At the beginning of the lunar new year, there is also a very important festival for the Red Dao community in Sapa Vietnam, which is “Put Tong Festival”. Legend has it that when migrating to this Vietnamese land, due to drought, crop failure and chaos, the Dao and Hmong people kept the souls of their ancestors in their arms, while the Giay put the souls of their ancestors behind their clothes. When crossing the river, Giay people were willing to cut off their clothes so that their ancestors could stay, while the Dao and H’Mong could not cut off their hands, so after coming to the new land, they set up an altar to worship their ancestors. fairy with the image of a small statue and a sword. From then on, every New Year’s Eve, the Dao hold the Put Tong festival in order to clean the ancestors (the statue and the sword) in order to wish for a better and fuller new year.

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