In times of trouble, we understand each other’s hearts

Just this morning, the Tho ha ancient village leader announced in hasty handwritten lines: 39 million has been contributed. The image of the neighborhood giving 2 tons of rice to the poor appeared on the group. The list of contributors is still being updated. Reading the emotional status messages sent along with the money transfer information on the group, I understand more and more a humanist philosophy, that “in tribulation, we can understand each other’s hearts”.

Normally, Tho ha ancient village is quiet with houses with high gates and fences, sometimes no one knows anyone for many years. Normally from time to time on the group there is a sizzling sound reflecting the dog and cat stories. Normally, when we meet each other on the roads, go to the park while walking, no one greets anyone… But in times of trouble, my neighborhood has expressed solidarity with very practical actions. And I have a feeling that when it’s difficult, it’s when people in my neighborhood give each other more loving words.

Suddenly a thought came to my mind. When the distance is over, every night, when I am free to walk on roads in Tho ha ancient village, I will look at those “high-walled” houses with lights on to warm my heart with one thought: In the houses that seem like Those are the kind hearts in the true sense of the Vietnamese people, the Vietnamese people.


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