Imprint of time in Tho Ha ancient village

On the way to work, I myself can’t remember how many times I have set foot in Tho Ha ancient village, an ancient village located on the Cau River in Van Ha commune, Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province. I remember the first time almost twenty years ago. It felt strange then. Small alleys, herringbone roads are all neat and straight. Banyan trees, wharf, communal house roof and beautiful mossy old houses have attracted not only me but also many tourists.

Take me to visit Tho Ha ancient village, deep in the alley, that alley is an old red of brick walls only slanted. Mr. Trinh Dac Thien, who was a long time ago cultural officer of Van Ha commune, proudly tells of a series of unique heritage sites in Tho Ha ancient village. It is from the feudal period, this village was once bestowed by the king with the “beautiful custom” to the old houses with the age of several generations. Then there is a unique village festival that can’t be found anywhere else in Vietnam. “You have to come here directly to attend village events to see how different, lively and rich it is,” said Mr. Thien.

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