Impressive Dich Long

Only 2 hours from Hanoi along National Highway 1A, we arrived at the temple complex – Dich Long cave of Gia Thanh commune, Gia Vien district. Not as noisy and bustling as Hanoi, the pace of life here is peaceful and quiet with rivers, fields and tiled houses looming under bamboo rows.The most impressive is the temple complex – Dich Long cave near Tam Coc Ninh Binh is located at the foot of a high mountain, in front is the gentle flowing Day river. From afar, travelers can feel the pristine and mysterious nature of this place. Walking around the architecture of Dich Long pagoda, I thought I was lost in a peaceful and peaceful place of Buddha’s door. The first is the ancient tower garden filled with the green of trees, with the faint scent of flowers, then the Ha Pagoda, adjacent to the majestic front street, leaning close to the foot of the mountain like a dragon guarding the entire relic. Stepping on the moss-covered stone steps, looking down is the curved roof tiles with curved nose like ripples… Most impressive is the imposing 5-room communal house called Da communal house with all columns and beams. all stone. The communal house has 16 columns of monolithic green stone, round, large and more than 4m high, embossed with dragon shapes winding in the clouds. All 16 of these stone pillars are placed on 0.6m high rocks. The intricately carved monolithic green stones show the ingenuity and talent of the stone carvers of the ancient capital of Hoa Lu near Tam Coc Ninh Binh

From Ha Pagoda to Duc Ong Palace, go further 105 stone steps to reach the cave entrance. The gate of the cave has 6 words: Nham Son cave, Co Am Tu, the old name of Dich Long. The two sides of the cave door are two statues of Dharma protectors, inside are green stone Buddha altars. The dome of the rock cave also hangs a bell weighing nearly a ton cast from the Nguyen Dynasty. Following the instructions of the relic manager, we followed the light and dark caves in the cave. Entering the morning cave, many visitors will have the opportunity to admire the images of Buddha, kneeling elephants, dressed horses… created by stalactites. In particular, there is also a “gate to heaven” about 50m long, the wind always blows gently into the cave, listening to the sound like a flute.

The dark cave is longer and wider than the light cave, divided into 3 compartments. The stalactites here have many different shapes like elephants drinking water from jars, lobsters drinking water, monkeys carrying children, old women selling medicines, money trees, gold trees, silver trees… and especially they always change color according to the light. evoking a sense of fantasy, half-false, half-real. When you try knocking on the cave wall, close your ear and you will hear sounds such as bells, trumpets, etc. In the dark cave, there are poems of kings, mandarins and ancestors who used to travel. come here such as Le Quy Don with the poem No title, Bui Van Que with Danh Son promoted, Pham Van Nghi with the essay on Dich Long Mountain near Tam Coc Ninh Binh… In the scene of light and dark with the barbaric atmosphere of the cave, I tried to admire it. Close your eyes, listen to the sound of the wind, the chirping of the bats in the cave, it seems that all the fatigue has disappeared, the soul becomes pure.

Leaving Dich Long, the traveler’s footsteps were half regretful and half restless. Unfortunately, we have not discovered all the way down to the “hell” located deep under the cave and the way “to the sky”. Still restless and worried because why is a landscape classified as one of the best in the South like Dich Long so far has not been properly invested in tourism?

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