Impressed with the costumes of the Red Dao people in Sapa

If you have ever been to Sapa Vietnam, you will be immediately attracted by the outstanding red color on the street. Those are the traditional costumes of the Red Dao people, standing out like a crimson forest flower. Tourism develops, life has many changes, but it still does not seem to affect the culture of ethnic minorities here. Traditional costumes are still used by people every day. Clothing not only helps people cope with the heat and cold of the weather, but also has the function of beautifying people. And now it is also a potential for tourism development. Visitors to Sapa are extremely excited to admire the traditional costumes of the people here. The red color of the outfit is the highlight, attracting all eyes.

In the costume of the Red Dao in Sapa Vietnam, the most prominent is the red head scarf. This can be considered as an accent color in the outfit. Red has overwhelmed other colors, bringing a vibrant, warm space. Red color not only appears in women’s headscarves, but it is also hidden in the sleeves, sleeves, collars, and braces. Although in these parts red does not take up a large area, but it also warms up the space next to it. This red color not only brings a warm and vibrant space, but it also implicitly expresses the wish for a full and prosperous life and brings a lot of luck.

If you have time, try attending the wedding of the Red Dao people in Sapa Vietnam. You will clearly see a prominent red as the dominant color. Especially the bride’s wedding scarf, the red color occupies the most area, as the background and dominates the entire surrounding space and creates a cozy feeling. In the green background of the mountains and the cold weather of the highlands, the red color of the headscarf seems to bring more vitality, energy and warmth to the mountains and forests.

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