Immerse yourself in the wild beauty of the mountainous region of Sapa Vietnam

The destination in Sapa Vietnam that is most chosen by tourists is the cable car route to the top of Fansipan with its large operating capacity, making the dream of conquering the “roof of Indochina” of many people come true. In addition, when coming to this land, visitors have attractive entertainment areas such as: Disney Land amusement park promises to be an ideal entertainment destination for domestic and foreign tourists. This land also brings interesting experiences in culture and resort tourism to tourists, including the complex. Villas, hotels, traditional markets, shophouses, nature reserves…

In addition Sapa Vietnam still preserving the culture imbued with the national identity of the mountainous people, will be preserved through regularly organized activities such as love markets, weddings, and festivals. fighting nightingales… With the goal of developing handicraft products such as clothes, bags, brocade hats, silver jewelry, natural highland herbs such as tea, medicinal leaves… All handmade products will be gather at the traditional market of this place Jade Hill. In addition to traditional products, this place Jade Hill also shows national culture to visitors through architecture.

The overall planning of the entire area and the design of each townhouse or villa here have been researched by architects to bring the breath of the mountains and forests, for example, the shophouse area is designed like terraced fields stretching across the land. mountainside… So it can be said that this place is always constantly innovating and also maintains national culture, nature conservation with the desire to develop sustainable tourism, ecological gardens and nature reserves. Currently, this area is an ideal destination in Sapa Vietnam for tourists to enjoy all the service and cultural values that this land possesses.

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