Immerse yourself in the region of old memories at Tho Ha pottery village

Hidden behind the bustle and noise of the city, Tho Ha ancient village is a familiar destination for nostalgic souls who love peace. The village is famous for its traditional craft of making rice paper rolls, rice noodles, etc., but the most prominent is pottery making with an architectural complex bearing the impression of the Northern Delta. From the house to the village gate or the well, all are covered with burnt bricks and raw earthenware.

In the structure of Vietnamese villages, the village gate plays an important role not only in terms of security but also contains great spiritual significance, next to the village gate. Forgetting the fatigue and chaos of life, they are immersed in the game of “childhood”, finding for themselves the seemingly forgotten childhood memories

Also the banyan tree, the water wharf, the roof of the communal house that has gone through many years and is still almost intact; The alleys are narrow but warm with the love of the village, all of which are living existences of the past. Tho Ha ancient village reviews the past memories of a youth will make the space more nostalgic and ancient.

An intact picture of the village opens up before your eyes, from the ancient, mossy village gate, from the ancient banyan tree by the romantic wharf, the silhouettes of people and cars leaning on the ground, to the smooth green space, peaceful. The green bamboo ramps by the red brick roads, the walls have been tinged with time in Tho Ha ancient village

Experiencing many ups and downs of history and time, Tho Ha ancient village is still there with ancient and mossy houses. The village still preserves many valuable cultural heritages, historical relics, ancient houses.


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