How to go from Hanoi to Tho Ha?

Tho Ha village is in Bac Giang province, so moving here is not too difficult. From Hanoi, you ride a motorbike across Thanh Tri bridge, up Phu Dong dike along National Highway 1A. When coming to Bac Ninh city, you go through Bac Ninh ancient citadel, go straight on Thien Duc street, go up the dike to Tho Ha village.

Surrounding Tho Ha village is the Cau River, so to reach the village you have to take a boat. Standing on the boat, you will see a glimpse of the layers of rice paper cakes drying in the sun at the top of the village. At the beginning of the village, the smell of rice paper will lead you to explore this countryside. Appearing in front of you are the rice paper cakes that are dried in rows very carefully. Along Tho Ha village road to the alleys, you will see the scene of people drying cakes close to each other.

Tho Ha people make rice paper cakes with 2 types: sesame rice cake and coconut rice cake. A new day here begins at 4am. The cake is coated and then dried, collected at noon when the cake is dry.

If you have ever eaten Ke rice paper, you can feel the sweetness from sweet potatoes, then the rice paper cake here has a completely different taste. To create a crispy, spongy rice paper cake, Tho Ha people add a little flour. Along with sesame, peanuts, and coconut, the rice paper cake here is fatter, greasy, and more attractive. Enjoying coconut rice cake, sipping a cup of cool green tea, you will feel the poetry of life. The fat of sesame, the flesh of coconut, adding a sip of tea will see the sweetness in the throat that not all dishes can have.

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