Hoping to revive Tho Ha pottery village

Sharing the same passion for Tho Ha pottery, Mr. Nguyen Dang Tap, the only son-in-law of Mr. Tan, also worked hard with his father-in-law to pursue and rebuild the pottery workshop, determined to revive the traditional craft. On the day his father-in-law died, Mr. Xi returned to live in Mr. Tan’s house, which is also the family’s small Tho Ha pottery workshop. Despite the accumulated difficulties, during the past 15 years, Mr. Xi’s family’s pottery kiln was still burning red, still producing ceramic products with characteristics of Tho Ha.

Mr. Nguyen Dang Tap makes persistent efforts in his journey to find his father’s traditional profession.

Talking about the difficulties in the profession, Mr. Xi shared: “My father and I started making Tho Ha pottery since we had no skills and experience, so the first few days were the most difficult. On that day, despite being very methodical, the batches of ceramics that were born one after another were peeled off, not satisfactory. Therefore, I had to ask the kiln master and experienced pottery-making elders in Tho Ha village to guide me.”

After 15 years of working with pottery, Mr. Nguyen Dang Tap has accumulated more experience and since then more appreciated the hard work and happiness every time he produces a batch of quality pottery.

Looking at the calloused hands and wistful face of the young craftsman Nguyen Dang Tap, I see from the depths of his eyes a glimmer of hope, as a reminder that Tho Ha ancient pottery will be restored. build and develop in the not too distant future


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