Holding childhood through the movie

I went to Sapa Vietnam, asked the way into Di’s house, giving the whole picture to everyone that no one knew. When telling her that she was the main character in a world famous documentary, nobody was even more or more. Because in this place, no one has seen the movie, they do not think that a girl was born and raised with a very normal life as the main character in the movie.

Di’s house was in Ta Phin walkway in Sapa Vietnam, looking straight to the ancient monastery. The simple wooden house around the white plum garden, just to the gate, faintly smelled from the indigo from skirts and clothes drying in the yard. Di quickly and hospitable, the girl had big round eyes, her cheeks were fluttering and very active. 19 years old – a mother 1 child but with a small figure and mischievous personality, so Di is no different from the children who are only 14-15 years old.

Di told me about the first days when I met Diem and during nearly 4 years, 2 sisters lived, filmed, shared, confided. “In the early days, Diem used the camera to return to her life, I was interested and curious. Diem also taught us to film and take pictures. The whole family of Diem is like a family member in Sapa Vietnam. Gradually familiar with the lens, so we kept living carefree, innocent as usual. I told Diem that I really like the days when I was a child. Your scenes can prolong your childhood, right? Later, looking back at these videos, I will be young again ” – Di confided.

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