Hmong Cultural Festival

The Mong village cultural festival in Sapa Vietnam is held to give thanks to heaven and earth, to pray for good harvests, and to pray for good luck for a new year with favorable rain, wind and good crops. The weather was favorable, so there were many ethnic minorities and tourists to attend. On the roads leading to the festival area packed with people, Hmong girls in traditional costumes showed up very early. The venue for the festival is a low hill, with a flat top creating a wide field, facing the east so that the tree can catch the sun when it is erected.

At the festival in Sapa Vietnam, after the part of thanking heaven and earth, praying for the harvest, praying for good luck was held in accordance with traditional rituals, people and visitors enjoyed the special musical performances. Discover the unique traditional culture of the Mong people such as: Khen dance, Xoe dance, tug Nhi, lip lute, love song…

In addition, people and visitors can also directly participate in attractive folk games during the festival such as tug of war, monkey bridge, hanging rope, crossbow shooting, pushing sticks, running over looting flags, etc. spinning, scooping water into bottles, walking on stilts, painting beeswax… and enjoying unique culinary dishes, exchanging, buying and selling local agricultural products. Visitors from New Zealand feel. “Today is very wonderful, people come in large numbers, I am very impressed with the colorful ethnic costumes showing the beauty of tradition”.

Over the past years, the Mong ethnic group in Muong Hoa and Thanh Binh communes in Sapa Vietnam have made positive changes in agricultural production, increasing the productivity of crops and livestock, developing traditional occupations, especially especially tourism development associated with conservation, preservation and promotion of traditional cultural values. Currently, people in the two communes have built over 80 homestays, with over 620 rooms. In 2022, the number of visitors to visit and stay will reach over 32,000, especially during the Lunar New Year 2023, over 12,000 will be welcomed. Mr. Tan A Lenh, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Muong Hoa Commune, said. “The development of tourism has been identified by the Party Committee, authorities and people of Muong Hoa commune as a strong breakthrough, bringing the commune’s economy to the next level. go up. The second is to develop the agricultural economy, focusing on a number of models such as cut flowers and lilies, so that people can have a stable income.

With the careful preparation of the cultural sector and local authorities, the Mong village cultural festival created a joyful and exciting atmosphere for people to actively work in production, economic, cultural and social development. local association.

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