“Highland dance” lights up the road

With the theme “Dance of the Plateau”, the Street Festival program within the framework of the Bac Ha White Plateau Festival in the summer of 2023 made the street space of Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam become vibrant and full of excitement in the afternoon of June 3. The street festival “Dance of the Plateau” is a delicate combination of the unique characteristics of the cultural identity of the ethnic minorities in Bac Ha with the street space, creating an interesting experience for the people. and visitors.

The program is organized by Lao Cai Provincial Ethnic Art Union in collaboration with Bac Ha District Culture, Sports and Communication Center, Khen Mong Club, Bac Ha District near Sapa Vietnam. The performance group started from the stage of Bac Ha night market, then performed on the street through Bac Ha temple area, Ngoc Uyen street in the direction of Hoang A Tuong palace and stopped to perform at the front yard of the mansion.

Participating in the festival, visitors from all over the country can enjoy unique folk dances with materials from the culture, costumes, and traditional musical instruments of the ethnic groups of Bac Ha district near Sapa Vietnam. Through the performance at the Street Festival, the program shows many unique features of the mountainous region such as: Khen dance, money-making stick dance, flute dance, Khen, fan, buffalo horn, buffalo mule… performances of the Mong, Nung Din, Tay, Dao and La Chi ethnic groups. The program creates a joyful and bustling atmosphere, so that visitors from all over the world can immerse themselves in the experience of the “heat” of the festival season.

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