Heartless people, ancient rocks “desperate”

Follow the small path down to the rocks below the field in Sapa Vietnam, a tragedy of the fate of the strange stones is much more poignant. The protective cement fences around, although the effect was not much, were smashed to pieces. Local people break the iron core or young buffalo simply see the fence easily breaking for fun. The thought, the stone beach is located less than 300 meters from the main road, right opposite the exhibition hall, every day there are hundreds and thousands of domestic and foreign tourists visiting, but the local government is silent. didn’t know. Every day, if you want to visit the cluster of tourist attractions, including the ancient stone beach, visitors have to spend money to buy tens of thousands of tickets. But they visited the rock and came back only to feel sorry for the fate of the precious stones in Sapa Vietnam

Right on the body of the ancient stones full of patterns are graffitied by tourists, children, and even carved on the stone body. The layers of patterns that have not been deciphered have been worn away, deformed. Not even seeing a sign banning trespassing on the monument, the tour guide stands symbolically next to the “ruined” stones. Looking at the big ancient stone right next to the river bank, the beautiful and majestic stone scrolls with traces of deformation with the broken fence like a battlefield, everyone thinks that it has been a long time since anyone cared to take care of the ancient stone. this again.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Van Anh, a tourist from Hanoi shared: “I have heard a lot about the ancient rock in Sapa Vietnam, especially the strange patterns and characters on the thousand-year-old rocks hidden inside the secrets. The hidden is not yet deciphered. But when I visited the rock beach, I was really disappointed by the way these precious relics are managed, preserved and preserved. The stones that had to be exposed to the sun and rain in the middle of heaven and earth were more or less abraded. But it’s the way people unconsciously invade the rock that really kills the monument.” At the ancient stone yard right below the exhibition house, we met an old Hmong woman. The old woman mumbled a few sentences in Kinh language: “These stones are very precious to us Hmong people. In the past, the rocky beach was a sacred place not to be disturbed. But people who went up to play now just climb up to take pictures. Thus the gods rebuked. Where not”. Seeing a group of noisy tourists coming to the rocky beach, the old woman came to remind her again.

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