Hau Thao – the place to save the oldest Sa mu forest in Vietnam

Hau Thao commune is one of the recently noticed tourist attractions in Sapa Vietnam. In fact, many devotees have visited Muong Hoa – the most famous landmark in Hau Thao and stopped there, However, this commune also has amazing check-in points!

Coming to Hau Thao in Sapa Vietnam, the first place you should visit is Hau Chu Ngai village – where the indigenous Hmong people live. Fortunately, this place has not been affected much by the industry, the children will take you to visit Cau May (not a place in Ta Van), beyond the ripe golden terraces, to the beautiful wild waterfall,…

In addition, Hau Thao in Sapa Vietnam is also the place to save the oldest sa mu forest. Through the forest, we will feel the fresh air, remove our worries and recharge our energy for the upcoming journey. At the same time, the mysterious “twilight” scene in the forest will immediately conquer all “virtual living” believers!

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