Hang Tien Sapa Vietnam

As one of the most beautiful caves in Lao Cai province, Hang Tien, also known as Hang Tien Sapa Vietnam. Located far away from the mountains and forests, it takes you about a day to prepare and leave. This place, known as “miniature Ha Long” along with the mysterious and wild beauty of Hang Tien Sapa Vietnam, is always the most attractive tourist destination.

Besides the captivating beauty, Hang Tien Sapa Vietnam is also associated with a thrilling legend that has been propagated for many generations. Once upon a time, there were three fairies who were the children of the Jade Emperor who were taken to travel around the world. Passing through many new lands, but when stopping at this place, I can’t help but stay in front of the charming scenery.

Leaving the fairyland, the three princesses transformed into village girls to immerse themselves in earthly life. When Ngoc Hoang heard the news, he got angry and asked Thien Loi to go down and take his daughter back to heaven. The fairies still refused to leave but fled into the cave, Thien Loi angrily collapsed a mountain corner, the three fairies knew that they could not escape their sins, so they threw themselves into the river to commit suicide.

Since then, Ba Co Temple was built to commemorate the fairies and the name Hang Tien was formed. It is from that legend and the sacredness of the temple that many tourists visit Hang Tien Sapa Vietnam to pray for peace, health and prosperity. Or simply young people who are passionate about discovery and want to experience the mesmerizing beauty.

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