Haircut in the village

In the time of cooperatives in Tho Ha ancient village, all professions had to have that color, from trading, services, handicrafts, all had to enter the cooperative and my teacher’s barber team was no exception. The “headquarters” of the barber’s nest is a simple shack with thatched walls on a corner of the market.

At that time, cutting hair was very simple, all young and old had the same high cut, used a trimmer to put it on the top of the head, then used scissors to fix it, shave the sideburns, and the nape was done. Cutting for adults costs three dimes, children two dimes, every day is also five, six dong, which is about 5 pounds of delicious rice. Compared to working days in the field, the income is much higher.

But that job is also a heavy and toxic job, many days when my teacher came home from work he called out too crowded, his hands were tired and tired (in the past, there were no electric trimmers), bacteria, dust. from the customer’s hair is a source of very dangerous occupational diseases.

Knowing that, but because of the thin rice, because of the family and young children, those fathers still have to work hard. They only take a few days off for the Lunar New Year a year.

Now back to Tho Ha ancient village, the image of old men cutting their hair in a simple shop with bamboo pictures nestled under a banyan tree has drifted into the distant past. Hairdressers are now very fashionable young men and women, the store is bright, the air conditioner is running around with the most modern equipment, cosmetics, and dyes of famous brands. language in the world.

Anyone remember the popular barbers once in Tho Ha ancient village? Certainly there are us, their children, who have been brought up, educated and grown up from the hard work and salty sweat of our parents.

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