Grilled snakehead fish in Vietnamese cuisine

This is a dish in Vietnamese cuisine is so famous and familiar that, if anyone has ever been to the West, they want to enjoy a piece of grilled snakehead fish. What makes this grilled fish unique is its unique ingredients and processing. Snakehead fish for grilling must be the type of snakehead fish caught in streams or fields when they have just finished harvesting rice, each fish must weigh at least 500 grams.

The way of grilling is also very unique in Vietnamese cuisine, people do not put it on a grill or a microwave like in the city, but use a bamboo stick or bamboo stick to skewer each fish from the tail to the heart of the fish, then put it on the kitchen area to bake with straw or residue. sugarcane. Wait until the fish scales are burnt black, the meat inside is cooked evenly, people clean the fish’s intestines and then dip them with chili garlic fish sauce.

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