Good luck thanks to medicinal herbs

According to the elderly, Bac Ha is a misread from the Tay phrase “Pac Kha”, which means one hundred bundles of clover. At that time, seeing this place as a fertile valley, people migrated to reclaim land. Because there were too many bees gathered, people cut the grass and bundled it up to burn the bees away, establishing Ta Chai and Bac Ha town near Sapa Vietnam today.

Like many other ethnic groups, when migrating here, the Mong people choose to live on the high mountain slopes, cold climate to live, so their houses are often low and have no windows to help keep warm. winter, cool in summer. According to the concept of the Mong people, everything has a soul and each house has a god of the door, god of the pillar, god of the kitchen… protecting them from all supernatural forces to have a peaceful life near Sapa Vietnam.

Their lives depend on swidden cultivation, maize cultivation, upland rice cultivation, etc., so when they come to a new land, they bring seed tubes to plant. There is only one crop per year, so to be fuller, people have replaced other crops more efficiently. In particular, medicinal plants are bringing in income, and life is getting better and better for the people of Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam… Looming under the Hoang Lien Son range are the houses of the H’mong people in Ta Van Chu. The mountains and forests here look like a mysterious, wild and majestic natural picture. Up to now, in Bac Ha, there have been more than 100ha of medicinal herbs, mainly sandweed. The fields of sand and purple are located between the ravines floating clouds, making it difficult for people from afar to see this scene.

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