Going to Tho Ha ancient village, watching the peaceful scenery makes people’s hearts flutter

Dubbed one of the oldest villages in the North,Tho Ha ancient village impresses with the space with a harmonious combination of the green of the trees, the clear blue of the sky combined with the ancient brown tones from the ancient villages. small house. There is nothing like coming to Tho Ha ancient village on a leisurely afternoon, watching the sad colors radiating from the mossy brown walls imprinted with time.

Not bearing the busy, noisy, touristic, and crafty look like many other ancient villages,Tho Ha ancient village still retains a peaceful, deserted, and bold rural spirit like a distant past. Not only the village gate, the houses and markets with ancient architecture still exist proudly as the clearest proof of the glorious history of the historical land.

Unlike villages in the Northern Delta, Tho Ha ancient village residents do not have fields but live mainly by handicrafts and small trade. Before 1960, the village was famous for its pottery making. But later, people switched to making rice paper rolls and rice noodles. If you visit this countryside, it is not difficult to see people working hard in a peaceful setting.

Stepping through the village gate dating back hundreds of years, a fairly intact village space opens up before your eyes. Located in the center of the village, there is a large and clear lake, in particular, along the lake are ancient houses or ancestral churches of great tribes, exuding a unique culture in the land of Kinh Bac. Next to the village gate, across the lake is a beautiful architectural complex including the village communal house, ancient well and ancient banyan tree.

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