Going to the Quan area, they listen to the singing of Artist Nguyen Thi Chung

Growing up in her mother’s lullaby, her lyrics, and the romantic Quan ho song, were deeply ingrained in the flesh and blood of every person in the Tho Ha ancient village like her. Since she began to babble, Ms. Chung has paid attention to listen to adults sing. By the time she was 5-7 years old, she had “learned” many verses from her brothers and sisters in the evenings with the flickering oil lamps in the middle of singing, then followed the adults to join the village’s Quan ho teams. the Tho Ha ancient village gradually became the main vocals in the village’s singing and dancing songs. Quan surnames and Mother’s work followed her throughout her life.

When asked why she was so infatuated with Quan Ho, the answer was just a kind smile, which probably doesn’t explain her love for Quan Ho because it has become an indispensable part of her life. her life and closely associated with the life, cultural and spiritual activities of the community here for decades. It can be said that Quan Ho is the air to breathe and Mother’s work is the heart to live. So for Mrs. Chung, she became an artisan for a lifetime, sticking with the Tho Ha ancient village, with Quan Ho like clouds entwined with the wind.

To her, Quan ho is like a grace and a debt. Although she is quiet when talking about herself, looking at this U60 artist passionately shaping “Quan ho young shoots”, one can easily feel her enthusiasm for the intangible culture. of the homeland, of how great this world is. “My wish is to be healthy, continue to preserve the culture of my people, how to spread my heritage around the world,” she confided.

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