Going to Bac Ha to experience the “Golden Autumn Fragrance”

Bac Ha White Plateau Festival 2022 is a cultural and tourism event aimed at introducing and promoting tourism potentials and strengths, unique traditional cultural values of ethnic groups in the area, and gradually creating products. outstanding tourism products to attract tourists to the Bac Ha white plateau. As planned, Bac Ha White Plateau Festival will take place in two districts of Bac Ha and Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience and participate in outstanding activities such as “Huong Com in the White Plateau” on September 16 and 17 at the Bac Ha night market stage and a demonstration of the traditional craft of making nuggets.

Bac Ha nuggets products in Na Lo village, Ta Chai, Na Hoi and Ban Lien communes are famous, popular with consumers and tourists from near and far, especially Hanoi, Lao Cai and Phu Tho. Here, the nuggets are usually made by the traditional method, so the nuggets are flexible, natural green and especially have a unique aroma. At present, Bac Ha nuggets are not only an offering in the new rice ceremony, but have gradually become a commodity, favored by the market for its unique taste and an indispensable gift for many tourists when coming to Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam. In addition, people and visitors can also witness and experience activities at the sports tournament to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of Bac Ha Liberation Day (September 20, 1950 – September 20, 2022), a folk dance competition and a competition. performing traditional costumes, a series of autumn events at Hoang A Tuong Palace…

Besides, coming to Lao Cai on the occasion of National Day 2-9, visitors can also experience and participate in many cultural, sports and tourism events. Specifically, from August 26 to 28 at Sa Pa tourist area will take place the experience tourism activity ” Sapa Vietnam quietly loves”. This is a new tourism product in the festival “Essence of the Northwest – Flavors of Lao Cai” expanded in 2022 with the theme “Magical Lao Cai”. There is also the Sa Pa Autumn Festival, combining the announcement of the Cat Cat Waterfall Relic, the full moon festival and the sports bike race in 2022, the 2022 Autumn Tourism Festival in the Y Ty region…

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