Going through the ripe rice season

In the present life, a love affair lasting up to 5 years has been considered a lasting love by everyone in Tho Ha ancient village. Surrounded by so many boys. And as the rule of life in the midst of the development of social networks, the boys around me are colorful, often interacting, “listening” to overflowing. But over time, to me they were just crowds. Only the love affair with Huan remained.

At first, I also really liked the crowd “listening” to each other. From social media, I accept invitations to the rooftops of five-star hotels, where the city at night looks down on the dreamlike lights. I also liked discos with the scent of so many perfumes, where people proved themselves with expensive bottles of wine, seemingly accidental but lustful collisions. I used to be ready to answer all the sweet words, as if it were part of my pleasure. Sometimes I accept an invitation to attend a party, because there I get a lot of compliments. And just that much, I embrace a sleep full of beautiful dreams in Tho Ha ancient village

But that was my look when I was 20 years old, then 21 years old… until one day when I looked back, I suddenly realized that it was all just a crowd, only one person who truly loved me stayed. That person is Huan. Huan never “listened” to me, he just went to my personal page to watch, sometimes he clicked like without commenting. Sometimes he texted me out to eat or coffee. Huan doesn’t like to eat Japanese food, but to make me happy, he went with me to eat sushi. I unintentionally didn’t know it, as if it was my preference he had to accept. Several times I thought we would let go of each other, just like in life there are too many couples who have given up after giving their all to love but still can’t get along because of different ways of living. But Huan said, “Maybe you’ll fall in love with someone, maybe you’ll marry a girl who’s not late for an appointment, a girl who never flirts with guys online. But I know that without you, you’ll be sad. I don’t want you to be sad.”

Huan’s house is beautiful with a very high entrance in Tho Ha ancient village. He told me that when he was 15 years old he was very good at climbing. The areca tree is weak, tall, and sways in the wind, so only boys and girls can climb it to fit the weight. His house has a fence of hibiscus flowers, the flowers keep blooming in a strange way. His house has a locust tree, which is also the first locust tree I saw. He said that people almost don’t grow locust anymore because there are all kinds of shampoos sold everywhere, so the locust tree in his house is rare. The tree has many thorns, the thorns showing three very sharp as if to prevent people from climbing the tree. And the leaves are like the leaves. The fruit is like a scallop, when ripe, it turns black. In the season when the ripe fruit falls off, just collect it and save it for cooking water to wash your hair. I washed my hair with locusts that fell in your yard. Huan cooked locusts and washed my hair. It was also the first time in my life that I washed my hair with locusts. That day, Huan told me about the two of them going home together. He will pick up the bride by horse-drawn carriage and will pick me up from the alley. I hooked his hand: “I agree”.

His mother had planned that the groom’s family party would be held in the front yard of the house in Tho Ha ancient village, where the front was a ripe golden rice field and a row of bougainvillea flowers in the sunny season, so red as in the movies. His mother explained the custom of the countryside, when guests came to the party, there was always a gift package to bring back to the little girl, which is a few cakes and cakes for the bride and groom. His mother’s menu is also prepared and the whole neighborhood will come to help cook, not order a restaurant, because at home cooking is more delicious.

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