Go to Sapa Vietnam to see the extremely romantic winter

Have you ever witnessed a winter scene with falling snow, magical floating mist, simple rustic houses behind distant mountains…? If you love the beauty of nature and are looking for a romantic and profound picture of winter clouds and sky, don’t miss a trip to explore Sapa Vietnam in December. December in Sa Pa is when it officially enters winter, the weather has changed markedly as the cold covers everywhere.

There will no longer be streaks of golden sunlight in late autumn, instead there will be a scene of the entire highland town engulfed in a mysterious mist. The average temperature here at this time is only about 10 – 18 degrees Celsius during the day and 7 – 8 degrees Celsius at night, quite cold but not especially freezing. Therefore, if you visit Sapa Vietnam at this time, do not be afraid of too harsh weather. Just prepare enough warm clothes and winter accessories to have complete peace of mind to have fun and explore this place.

The most interesting thing is that the weather gets colder towards the end of December. Especially in late December and early January, if you are lucky you can come to Sa Pa right at the time of snowfall, creating an extremely romantic European-like winter scene. The most interesting, special and attractive experience that makes tourists always want to set foot in Sapa Vietnam in the last month of the year is to be able to admire the white snowflakes and see the panoramic view of the whole city. Sa Pa town is immersed in the whiteness of winter snow, as romantic as in Korean movies.

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