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On a rainy day in Tho Ha ancient village, the water droplets that followed the wind blew into the whole row of desks, causing the teacher to force us to sit together to avoid getting wet.

In the middle of the school yard in Tho Ha ancient village, the wind sprinkled phoenix leaves on the students’ hair, and every summer, it burned red like a flame, anxious to announce the end of the school year. That tree canopy, there are times when looking from afar, only red flowers can be seen but no leaves. And the salman tree is more humble, always standing alone in a corner of the yard at the end of the classroom. When winter comes, it silently pours out its red leaves, holding out a bunch of thin dry branches. In the misty mornings, it is sad to stand quietly in the corner of the yard, waiting for the drizzle to bring spring to pop out the tender sprouts. In the summer, when the red phoenix flowers are on the branches, the salmen tree stays green and free, volunteering to make a green umbrella to cover for the students who are busy playing but forget about the rain and sun.

No one  in Tho Ha ancient village knows when the young salmen fruit was formed, only knowing that when autumn came, the clusters of fruits were sprinkled with bright yellow on the dark green foliage. Once after a rainy night, ripe eagles fell like giant grains of rice lying densely in the schoolyard.

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