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When I was a child in Tho Ha ancient village, I didn’t know much about fishing, but I liked to go out and watch my friends in the neighborhood fishing on the fence (river bank). Fishing rods are bamboo (bamboo with small stems), the size of a finger, straight and supple. Along with the line and hook bought at the market, fishing must have a can of earthworms as bait and a racket to hold fish. But the earthworms used as fishing bait must be small worms dug at the foot of the field to make it easier for fish to eat. In the summer, the water is shallow, the Cau River has many species of fish, but the most are still barbs. This fish is very easy to fish, because as soon as they see the bait, they will immediately bite. The difficulty of hook fishing is pulling it up and then having to deftly remove it from the hook so that it doesn’t get stuck in the tip of your finger with a needle. Good anglers, one afternoon is like getting a net full of barbs, enough for them to cook a pot of sour soup for dinner…

Fishermen along the Cau River also have another type of fishing, which is com (plug) fishing. In the afternoon, they go to set up short fishing rods that have already hooked the bait in the creeks, at the foot of the deep fields. Early the next morning, go fishing. Fishing often catches a lot of snakehead fish, catfish. When it rains, rains at the beginning of the season or rains in the off-season, the fishing rod also has fish. The most frustrating thing is that when you pull up the fishing rod, you will see a water snake on the hook… The new job of duck fishing is unique because not everyone can do it. The fisherman put in the coil (a kind of fishing gear for fish) a grass duck, this duck must be a raised palm duck that can’t bear to grow. They walked on the fields, where they saw a school of ma ma fish (baby snakehead fish) and dropped the duck. The duck swam a few laps on the mama fish, and was startled by the mother snakehead fish to let go of the fishing line… Duck fishing or hard fishing must have been lost when the electric pulse appeared.

My cousin in the street came back to Tho Ha ancient village to visit my house and kept asking: “Are you still going to slap fish?” At that time, I was a high school student, so the fun of slapping fish also became less and less… I still remember the road leading to each Ong in my hometown was a crooked, concave trail. The two sides of the road are fields, vegetable fields and even wild water – the ideal habitat for the lily fish. Lizard fish often make white foam near the grass edge. Each fish bubble usually has a pair of live fish. In the summer, one of the most attractive games of the countryside children is catching fish and raising them. Seeing the foam of a fish is to use beige soil to form a small disc, slap the water with your hand and then catch the fish. Usually just catch the male fish and bring it back to the bottle and then bring the fish to fight with other people’s fish. Before fighting each other, two fishes often have beautiful movements of spreading their tails, glancing back and forth.

The match usually takes about 5 to 7 minutes to determine the winner. The winning fish majestically, the tail spread red eyes, the losing fish turned white and ran away. The fish that lost the battle were released back into the water to catch another fish. Just like that, every summer we have to change more than a dozen of them. But slapping fish and finding fish to cook soup must be more methodical. The first thing to mention is the story of slapping fish (free time) subject, breaking chili. At noon, when I went down to the field to see a creek with snakehead fish, I used soil to block the two ends of the rift and then used my feet to slap the water out. It is important to keep an eye on the other shore because the snakehead fish is extremely smart and good at being dry, seeing the water is shallow, it suddenly comes to the shore and then throws itself away. The most fun is still slapping the pond, slapping the lake. Glad to see so many people participating. When the shore is finished, set up a round set and then take turns slapping. When the pond is dry, the user eats, the other uses his hands to catch fish. If you slap the pond, you can catch a lot of fish, at least five or seven pounds. Choose a large model to bake on a straw fire to sip in the late afternoon.

There are many other types of fish slaps such as blocking the flow of the slit to let the water dry to catch fish. In my neighborhood, after the harvest season, a few families invite each other to carry fishing gear across the field across the Cau River to slap fish. Going from morning to afternoon, sometimes you can get a few tons of fish of all kinds. The fish can’t be eaten and dried and stored until the rainy season to eat… But in the past, why were there so many fish species? Just a small puddle at the top of the village, but there are a few species of catfish crammed. Going to the edge of the field is to hear the sound of fish catching prey. Now the ponds and lakes are filled up a lot in Tho Ha ancient village. Fish are rare. There are fish slaps in the pond or pond, the most are still tilapia…

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