Giay national costume

According to traditional custom, Giay men in Sapa Vietnam often wear clothes and towels. The type of shirt is designed with knee length, split chest wings, round neck, standing, fabric buttons. Shirts usually have three pockets, two bottom pockets, one upper right pocket. Body slightly short, indigo color. Men wear straight-leg pants (35-40 cm wide), wide waistband, do not use cuffs, but only wear them. In daily life, some men often wear scarves on their heads, other Giay people wear underarms, and even a lot of people grow long hair to bun.

In terms of women’s clothing, Giay women wear a shirt that covers their buttocks, cuts their right armpit, has wide arms, and is covered with cloths of different colors at the waist and cuffs. The skirt covers the knees, is relatively wide. The undershirt is a short sleeve blouse with a slit chest, low round neck and two bottom pockets. Giay women often wear scarves wrapped in different styles, silver necklaces around their necks. Meanwhile, Giay women in Sapa Vietnam often wear blue or black ao dai, flap to the shin, buttoned from the cross neck to the armpit, like the Kinh’s ao dai. The waist belt is made of dark blue fabric quite firmly, this belt acts as a pedestal for the abdomen or used to fasten knives, tie …

Women’s hair is styled in a ring, draped in a colorful square scarf to match the embroidered shoes in a very sophisticated way. They can spend months embroidering the shoes with delicate lines. Usually the embroidery on it is a symbol of couple happiness: a couple of butterflies, a couple, a couple of peach flowers… In their spare time, Giay girls in Sapa Vietnam work together to embroider, weave, and weave brocade. making blankets, making slings, however, these are irregular jobs and are only “entertainment” during leisure time. They use wool or red, pink yarn with braided hair, called pom-pom, and wear a rectangular cloth bag 25-30 cm wide and 35-40 cm long. The woven bag cord with colored thread is threaded into the mouth of the bag in a drawstring fashion. The two bottoms are embroidered with dog teeth curling on the colored thread spreading like two small flower fans.

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