Genealogy carved on crockery – unique artifacts in Tho Ha

In the past, genealogies were often written on paper or engraved on stone steles, but no genealogy was inscribed on ceramic stele. Therefore, the genealogy engraved on earthenware of the Trinh Xuan family in Tho Ha village becomes unique and rare.

The crockery ceramic stele features a yellow-brown color, the stele is engraved with a stylized flower image of the word Tho ( Long Live). The stele around is engraved with an asterisk, the heart of the stele is full of Chinese characters on one side. Ceramic stele made on September 14, 17th year of Minh Mang (1836).

The genealogy is engraved on crockery, currently the oldest ceramic stele in Tho Ha. The brief genealogical content shows that the Trinh Xuan family has been present in Tho Ha for more than 200 years before. Up to now, the Trinh Xuan family has been present in Tho Ha for nearly 400 years. With this unique way of making genealogy of the Trinh Xuan family deserves to be honored and praised.

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