Gau Tao Festival is an attractive destination for tourists in early spring

Gau Tao Festival is a traditional festival of the Mong people, held annually in the spring. In recent years, not only the Mong people have attended the festival but also many tourists to experience and explore. The purpose of Gau Tao festival is to give thanks to the gods for blessing the Hmong family. Gau Tao festival is often held in Muong Khuong, Bac Ha and Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam

In the past, the Gau Tao festival was held by families who had no children, few children, gave birth to a single child, or had a sick person or did not do well…, they would go to Gau Tao hill to pray to the gods for their children. Ask for good health or good business. When their prayers come true, they will celebrate Gau Tao to give thanks. Today, to organize the Gau Tao festival, there is also the help of the community and the local government.

The place of Gau Tao ceremony is a low hill with wide open space. Gau Tao Hill must turn to the East so that the tree can catch the sunlight when it is erected. The festival is held at the beginning of January every year, but the preparation is carried out from the end of December, with two rituals: cutting bamboo and setting up a tree. When they saw the tall tree in the middle of the hill, everyone in the area knew that there was a Gau Tao festival that year. The cheerful and bustling atmosphere spread throughout the villages. This festival is also an opportunity for men and women to prepare beautiful clothes, have fun with friends, meet their lovers…

Gau Tao festival lasts for three days. On the afternoon of the third day, the celebrant announced the ceremony of lowering the tree. Gau Tao Festival is the largest and only community-scale festival, associated with the spiritual and spiritual life of the Mong community. Today, Gau Tao festival has become a destination attracting tourists from near and far because of its uniqueness and attractiveness. In 2023, Gau Tao festival will be held in Pha Long, Muong Khuong and Thai Giang Pho commune Sapa Vietnam from January 25 to January 27, 2023 (ie, January 4 to 6). In Sin Cheng commune, Si Ma Cai district, it is held from January 24 to January 26, 2023 (ie, January 3 to 5). In addition to the traditional ceremony, there are also cultural programs and sports such as throwing rods, pushing sticks, tug of war, men’s spinning, stilt running, nightingale fighting, cock fighting….

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