Garden delicacies

In Tho Ha ancient village, toads are ubiquitous. In the house, toads hide in stuck holes, under the bottom of the rice bowl and water jar. In the garden, toads sit huddled under banana bushes, tree stumps, each child is fat, black back, sometimes grinding their teeth “stuck, stuck, stuck” calling for rain. Toads hide well during the day, but as soon as it’s dusk, they jump out of their hiding places and go looking for food. I still clearly remember, after the first rains of the season, flocks of termites flew out densely, at night rushed in around the dim oil lamp in the house and fell to the ground. I looked at the lamp and saw that my God, five or seven toads were fat, black skinned, sitting quietly, calmly eating termites.

I remember in the past, in Tho Ha ancient village toads lived a lot in the house and in the garden, but normally no one caught them, because many people considered toads to be “fresh meat to save”. When it rains heavily for many days, it is difficult to find food or suddenly craves a hot pot of toad porridge, my brothers and I invite each other to kidnap and make meat. At dusk, carrying a lamp, a plastic bag, walking around the house, you can always pick up a few fat “heavenly boys” who are looking for food. A few more walks around the neighborhood, it is estimated that there are 20-30 frogs in the bag.

In the morning in Tho Ha ancient village, bring toads for meat, this is an extremely important step. “Heaven” meat is delicious, but there are many “extremely toxic dishes” on the body, which are white plastic hidden in the nodules of rough skin, liver and eggs. If the meat is not done carefully, there are still a few parts left over, easy to eat “follow him, follow her”. This story has been warned many times, but from time to time, people still hear that people die from liver poisoning, toad eggs, the hospital can’t save them in time. Toad meat can be processed into many dishes such as stir-fried with leaves, braised with lemongrass and chili, or minced with grilled or fried leaves. But a favorite dish that is easy to make, both delicious and nutritious for both adults and children is… toad porridge.

Before making toad meat, I asked my brother to wash the rice and put a pot of white porridge on the stove. Toads cut their heads, cut off their nails, peel off their skin, remove all their inner clothes, especially carefully check if there are any eggs and liver left, then wash them with plenty of water to make them clean and dry. Mince the boneless toad meat until very fine, then put in a pan of coconut oil, fry the garlic until fragrant, add the minced meat and stir-fry. To cook frog porridge, people only mince the upper part of the frog, leaving 2 thighs because of the large amount of meat. As for the “heaven man” the thighs are not big, the meat is not much, so I minced both legs… so the medicine. The porridge pot was soft, I poured all the cooked toad meat into it, seasoned it to taste, ran to the back of the garden to pull out the scallions, washed, chopped finely sprinkled, added a pinch of pepper, and then mentioned it. After taking out the bowl for the adult portion, the fragrant pot of toad meat porridge was placed in the middle of the table. My brother and I each had a bowl, a spoon slurped and slurped, breathed in delicious compliments, and ignored the mother’s sweat, the sweat of the child, and the splash.

But abducting meat must always remember the old grandparents’ advice: toads with black, gray skin, yellow skin are edible, and red-skinned toads, often called purple toads, are absolutely not eaten. It was not clear at night to catch it by mistake, when it was discovered in the morning, it had to be released. I asked many times why I can’t eat purple toad meat, only hearing the elders say that its meat is extremely poisonous. But until now, I have not heard anyone explain clearly how purple toad meat is. It’s been a long time since I ate “heavenly man”, but when I heard the toad’s call, I kept thinking: back then, all of us children in Tho Ha ancient village were really “strong with us”. Because “toad festival” at midnight in the morning, at that time the fields and gardens were still desolate, the village only torched coconut leaves and dim oil lamps, there were no electric lights shining everywhere like the new countryside now. Another story that adults often tell is that there are ghosts crying here, ghosts appearing there to scare the children. However, we children always heard where the toads cried out to carry the lights, carry the bags on the road, none of them knew fear.

Perhaps due to the difficult situation of the subsidy period, adding that the “heavenly boy” meat was so delicious, hunger made us children forget all about fear of ghosts. But thinking back, it seems that back then, the people who were “hidden, out of sight” also felt sorry for the rural children who lacked food and clothing, so just let us freely kidnap us late at night, scared to do it. spend more pity.

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