French architectural works in Sapa

Similar but more special than Ba Na Hill or Da Lat, Sapa Vietnam is mysterious and attractive because of the remaining French architectural works, not many but very clear. The French have found the attraction of this cold town in terms of landscape, climate and water resources…. then built up more than 200 ancient and modern villas with French architectural style. The old mossy villas have their own beauty, forming a very typical “background of the old castle shadow”. Especially when those ancient silhouettes looming in the mist can’t help but make people’s hearts flutter. The Stone Church, the most complete remnant of the ancient French architecture, is located in the center of the town, built in 1895.

With its quiet nature as it is, the Stone Church Sapa Vietnam still hides many mysteries that are still sleeping waiting to be discovered. Is there anything better than in the cold, sitting by the flickering fire enjoying grilled corn, grilled eggs… and letting your soul wander to the melodious sound of couple love songs… not only attractive because of the scenery, but also because of the beautiful scenery. it is because of the strangeness, the richness and the liberated being of the natives. It is the diversity of ethnic groups here that create rich cultural colors such as the mixing of colors or the weaving lines of the people here. Cold night, wandering on the roads that cut and cut along the plan of a town in the near future. The flower borders on the lakeside make the lake more brilliant and bright. Magical light but pure. The rows of ancient houses mixed with modern lie dormant.

And the clouds and dew and the chill kept wriggling through the floating, magical streets in Sapa Vietnam. The district street at night is as quiet as the whisper of the wind. Restaurants, shops, and electric lights are as bright as stars, like being awake and witnessing unfinished love, unending appointments of Mong and Dao boys and girls may no longer have the “quiet” feeling. but still peaceful enough to soothe and relax too busy souls. It is not quiet and sad, but like a secret and attractive dream. And the passion of this foggy town has never ceased to attract visitors, making everyone remember being stunned, even if they have never been, and want to return once they have touched the mystery, innocence and serenity

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