Follow my mother to the market

Remembering the poor village in the past, in my childhood memories, I often remember the days when I followed my grandmother and my mother to the market in Tho Ha ancient village. At that time, going to the market for us children was really a happy festival, a festival of gifts, new clothes and new things.

The market in my hometown is held on a large plot of land, right next to the main road of the commune and next to the river in Tho Ha ancient village. A normal market that meets every day is called a side market, but there are certain days in the month called a market day. On the day of the market, the market will be much more crowded than usual, because the people of the neighboring communes also bring goods to sell, the items will also be richer in type and quantity. Sometimes people even reserve the best goods to sell on the day of the session for the price. There are special items such as conical hats that are only sold on fair days.

I remember the days of the market in Tho Ha ancient village, my mother used to get up earlier than usual to pick vegetables in the garden to prepare for the market. The bunches of morning glory, jute, and green spinach are cleverly bundled with golden straws. If the melons and squashes on the trellis were big enough that day, my father would go down to the pond and cut them for my mother. In my hometown, gourd and melon rigs are often planted next to the pond, my father said that melon and squash planted next to the pond will be more succulent and sweeter. Sometimes there are fair days when I don’t have to go to school, my mother will let me go. My mother walked in the front with a basket of vegetables, and I walked behind. I could see many items right on the way to the market, baskets of vegetables, chickens, carts full of baskets and bamboo baskets. , vendors, and sometimes I even meet women selling straw, they wear huge bundles of straw like giant mushrooms walking on the road and I keep wondering how they can see the way to go because the straws keep falling in front of them.

When coming to the market, people quickly find the area of goods they sell to sit. I followed my mother to the vegetable section, she spread a leaf leaf on the ground and then displayed the products on it to sell. The market is held in the commune, so most people know each other, so the market atmosphere is very happy and intimate. Vendors are also buyers, people sell vegetables and then buy shrimp, sell shrimp and buy bananas, and after selling chicken, people buy breeding pigs…so sellers and buyers chat very happily. . People talked about all kinds of things, about farming, about family, about children studying. The whole market was bustling with laughter, asking questions, calling to buy goods, bargaining, chickens and ducks crowing, sometimes even the wailing cries of children asking their mother to buy something for them. but should not be angry.

While my mother was selling goods, I sat next to her and looked at everything, finding everything strange and attractive. Usually it takes about an hour or two for my mother to sell all the products I bring, then she will take me to other areas to buy the necessary things for the family. There is an area that we children like the most, which is the food and drink area, this area is located right under the two rice trees. I still remember a kind old man sitting fanning Banh Mi under a rice tree, pieces of yellow, fragrant rice paper are a snack that mothers at the market often buy for their children. Then there are the rows of gai cakes, glutinous rice cakes, donuts, and even a box of cool ice cream, everything slows our footsteps down every time we pass here.

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