Fly with butterflies in Cuc Phuong forest

At the end of spring, when the forests of Cuc Phuong are full of sunshine, the butterflies seem to wake up after a long sleep through the cold winter and spring, and they are inspired to walk. Cuc Phuong National Park near Tam Coc Ninh Binh is located on the territory of three provinces of Ninh Binh, Hoa Binh and Thanh Hoa. For a long time, this has been a place to visit and relax for many domestic and foreign tourists with destinations such as ancient caves, thousand-year-old cha tree, primate and turtle rescue center… However, not Not everyone knows that Cuc Phuong also has a seasonal “specialty” that, if ever experienced, everyone wants to come back here again one day. Nature has given Cuc Phuong forest a priceless gift that is probably rare anywhere on this S-shaped strip of land. Cuc Phuong forest butterflies are numerous and have a high diversity, from starfruit butterflies, phoenix butterflies to blue-winged butterflies… But the most important ones are white and yellow butterflies. They feel like cabbage butterflies in my hometown, the typical butterfly of each flowering season. Flocks of white butterflies fly in rows like walking in the forest, in the music of nature. Cuc Phuong forest butterflies are especially abundant in late spring and early summer, when everything seems to wake up after a long sleep through the cold winter and spring.

When the rain brings with it a sunny day, in the lush primeval forests, flocks of butterflies separate from each other and fly to the edge of the forest. Butterflies often fly out of the dense forest canopy to heat up the sun, so if you come to Cuc Phuong near Tam Coc Ninh Binh after rainy days, it is easy to see butterflies sitting in large flocks along the edge of the forest. At the beginning of the entrance gate, I saw butterflies fluttering from the gate as if to greet visitors and then lead the way for each group into the depths of the forest. Riding a motorbike along the small road leading to a resting place in the forest, I felt like I was flying with butterflies. Just look to the side to see butterflies fluttering around. Sometimes they land on shoulders, on helmets and windshields. In the early morning sunlight, flocks of butterflies appear shimmering and fanciful like sun drops on the leaves, exposing their pristine colors on the background of the green leaves of the forest. Sometimes I want to raise the phone but I hesitate, partly because I am still engrossed in watching butterflies in the moment that they fly to me. Partly because the butterfly wings are too small, even with a camera, it is impossible to capture that creepy and poetic space. In the middle of the forest, in front of us was an amazingly beautiful scene: hundreds of butterflies gathered on the field.

With just a slight wave of the hand, the whole flock flew up and flew around. Full of colors in the sun, from basic yellow and white to blue, brown, and pink butterflies… Indeed, looking at those tiny living creatures flying in the sun, it feels like a miracle. life is multiplying, flourishing in the forest. The deeper you go inside, when the road to the thousand-year-old tree is only a few kilometers, the more flocks of butterflies appear. Feeling more peaceful when looking at the butterfly wings dotted in the sky. In the afternoon, the butterflies gradually became sparse. After walking out of the thousand-year-old cha tree, everyone is tired. After resting for a while, we left the forest of Cuc Phuong near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. The road back is still beautiful, there are still butterflies fluttering. Waiting for another season of wild butterflies to return to Cuc Phuong, to bask in the sunlight fluttering butterflies.

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