Fluttering a Tho Ha

There are afternoons wandering in the Tho Ha ancient village, seeing the blue smoke floating on the roof of someone’s house in the afternoon, the heart suddenly misses the countryside where there are winding rivers, village bamboo ramps reflecting the water and the mountains. The thatched roof rests with its head resting on the mountainside.

In the thatched roofs, pink stoves are also burning in Tho Ha ancient village. A day gradually closes with the familiar smell of smoke from the kitchen mixed with the smell of onion fat and fragrant braised fish. The image of an afternoon like that sometimes still comes to me with so many longing and longing emotions.

Those who were born in the countryside will not be able to forget the afternoon blue smoke. Every afternoon, when the sun is only a crimson coal at the foot of the mountain, flocks of birds fly to their nests, and buffalos return to their stables. Dear rustic Tho Ha ancient village

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