Fishing in Tam Coc Ninh Binh

Thoa and Hai Bao, Huong is the “fishing king” of Tam Coc Ninh Binh. For the past 20 years, “besides fishing and drinking, Huong does nothing else”. Huong is 45 years old this year. Gentlemen, Thoa and Hai Bao Huong carried the rod to the mountain, and fished precious fish for me to try. Enjoy carrying the rod but say first, at the end of September we, the weather is like this, the fishing is very difficult, let’s go to pray.

All day, Huong brought home a pike. “That’s also good” – Thoa said so and skewered that single pike on a bamboo branch, set fire to grilled fish, cooked fish, the scent of the day the buffalo mowed grass flew back, filling the whole Thai stilt house built by the lake. The pike is only as big as the handle of a sickle, everyone gives me the middle part with the entrails. Called the entrails, it’s actually just the size of two toothpicks. But it still has bright red blood like a tiger’s blood, sucked in, sweet and precious!

The pike is only different from the small shark in that its gill fins, dorsal fins and pelvic fins are as red as fire. Its meat is solid, sweet and most fragrant, maybe only calamari is the enemy, without any fishy smell. In the past, dogfish and calamari were only offered to Dinh Bo Linh – Huong said. These two fish species only specialize in living in limestone mountains in Tam Coc Ninh Binh

The largest tea is only about two pounds, the dog is only a few pounds. Restaurants here order 80 to 90 thousand VND per pound. “But what’s wrong with selling them. To aim at each other is much better” – Huong said. Going fishing, dogs are like fishing for bananas, scorpions, with the same bait, should only go in the high water season, the better the flood.

One day in the rainy season in Tam Coc Ninh Binh, Huong can catch a pound of bananas, and sell up to 30 pounds a month. But the whole fishing, can only catch one nest; There are even fewer dogs, Huong said, where there are beehives above, there are easily tea and dogs below. They like to eat bees the most. Any bee that flies low is immediately infected. They also know how to jump on the shore for the ants to cling to and then jump back into the water to catch the ants floating like bananas.

They also like frogs, locusts, and grasshoppers. Other small fish are also their prey. “Picket fish meat is many times better than Anh Vu’s meat. Now it’s as hard to buy pike as buying Asian tigers” – Laughing – only Huong and her friends can use them.

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