Festival in Tho Ha ancient village

The festival in the Tho Ha ancient village captivates people not only in its lyrics and melodious voice, but also in the deep and profound love of the Quan Ho people, making it difficult for anyone who has visited the festival once to forget it.

It seems that the people of the Tho Ha ancient village celebrate Tet with Quan Ho, with visitors from all over the world to attend the festival. A few days after the Lunar New Year, the family began to prepare for the association. The first is to fix the bonsai, sweep the house, buy more food and drink. On the tenth day, the family packed more banh chung, honey cake, and banh xeo, some families also pounded banh day, fried spring rolls, wrapped fried spring rolls, and stored a batch of fragrant glutinous rice wine to welcome guests. Guests here include both familiar customers and strangers. Regular guests who are friends of grandparents, parents, and children working from far away are invited to attend the festival. Strangers include people from all over the world who visit the festival. On the festival day, the house cooks prepare a few extra trays to welcome strangers. Those are the guests who are busy having fun and can’t find a decent restaurant. So the families sent people to spread out to the streets of the village, inviting them to their homes in groups. They are welcomed, invited to eat and drink cordially and respectfully as friends.

Quan ho is the soul of the association in the Tho Ha ancient village, on the festival day, quan ho is not only sung in the main festival but also at communal houses, pagoda doors, on the wharf, under the boat, but also in the houses of the people. The two brothers and sisters use the lyrics.

Sitting in a singing shack, admiring the spicy betel nut and phoenix wings, listening to the sentiments of the Quan Ho people, they felt more love and appreciation for this proud Kinh Bac. Despite their advanced age, the mothers still waved in their three and seven clothes, singing Quan ho verses that captivated people’s hearts.

The sound of singing, humming, resounding rises from mossy houses, communal house, or right in the old brick yard. Where the artisans are, during the day, they are peasant brothers and sisters with mud hands and feet, but at night, when Quan Ho joins the party, they are captivated, sweet with songs, even mesmerized with Quan Ho , from ages ago.

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