Feeling the autumn of Bac Ha

Stretching on the Northwest roads in autumn, it is easy to see the golden colors of rice on the terraced fields that have become the specialty and heritage of the land and people here. If one step lost in and bathe in the shimmering beauty of the highland yellow rice at dawn or dusk, it will be very difficult for people to find the way out.

Every degree of return makes people’s hearts flutter strangely! After the sweltering heat of summer comes the honey-like sunshine of autumn. When the golden light shines in the morning, when the sun glimmers in the evening, it makes people’s souls more fluttering. The dome of the sky is also higher and bluer to cover a golden color in the world and also signal the season of abundance for everyone. But, autumn is not only the yellow color of rice and trees under the warm and sweet sunlight, but also adorned with the pink color of all kinds of flowers blooming under the autumn sky of beautiful pink girls, or of chrysanthemums. bright yellow… The special thing here is that the color of the Triangle Flower that exists in Bac Ha and goes to autumn is a completely different story.

From the center of Bac Ha district near Sapa Vietnam on the main road connecting with Si Ma Cai district about 10km, both sides are high mountain ranges dotted with terraced fields of golden rice under the morning sun like blowing honey in. heart. Sometimes, in that golden color are the shackles of sarcophagi reaching out and standing upright like a challenge with time, which further embellishes the majesty but arrogance of this land. From the main road, turn left about 500m to reach Tam Giac Mach flower hill in La Gi Thang valley, Ta Van Chu commune near Sapa Vietnam. Coming here, we will be ecstatic in the color of the fragile but resilient but gentle, loving little flower under the blue sky, white clouds, and yellow sunshine, very erotic and poetic. With an area of ​​tens of hectares with light purple to white colors lying on the hills overlooking the sunny valley and the yellow color of rice and Hmong girls in traditional clothes are ready to do the instructions. staff for long-distance travelers… Back to Bac Ha in the autumn under the clear blue sky, the cool and fresh climate makes people feel like they are in a paradise.

From the center of the poetic Bac Ha district near Sapa Vietnam, we go uphill about 1km to reach Quan Din Ngai in Ban Pho commune. Here, it is easy to see terraced fields, layers of golden ripening adorned by white smoke in the kitchen of someone’s house in the afternoon, hovering over the trees as if they want to welcome new people. the last rays of the autumn sun. The bustling footsteps of those who are hurrying when the season comes on the golden terraced fields are waiting for people to pick them up. That alone is enough to make anyone’s heart flutter, rejoicing with the scent of the earth, the scent of autumn and the people here.

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