Features of Tho Ha Pagoda Festival

         Tho Ha village has three scenic spots that tourists visiting Tho Ha cannot ignore; it is Tho Ha communal house (the national historical relic has been ranked); Tho Ha pagoda (Doan Minh Tu, national-level cultural and historical relic) and Tu Chi (or Van chi; place of worship of Confucius; historical and cultural relic). Each hamlet of the Village has a temple, lying close and facing the village road. That is the place for each hamlet to prepare worship, brought out to worship at the communal house on the main day of the pagoda festival (January 21). Each hamlet is responsible for preparing the ceremony for the one year pagoda festival. After four years it’s the other turn.

Tho Ha Pagoda Festival is a typical festival for the festivals inherent in the midland and northern plains. Tho Ha pagoda festival is usually held in two days (January 21 and 22 every year). The ceremony is held in the pagoda and outside the pagoda yard; ending with the Dieu Phuon at 12:00 midnight on January 22 at the pagoda courtyard. The festival part includes singing Quan Ho at the pagoda and on a boat in the river; games such as cockfighting, wrestling, Chinese chess, human chess… In the past, many Buddhists walked 5-10km from many places to Tho Ha Pagoda Festival; they often bring rice balls; At night, sleep on mats spread out on the floor of the pagoda by the village’s Buddhists. Most Buddhists only participate in the ceremony; The ceremony is finished, Buddhists walk back to the starting place, not paying attention to the part of Fesival.

Dieu Phuon is a Buddhist ritual; on top of Phuon pole is a crow made from a wooden board; crow body is blacked out. The crow’s head is attached to a circular cylindrical fabric (like a cage, but the top is not bent like a cage; it is said that this frame represents the navel). Under the canvas is a long cloth running from the top of the pole down to near the foot of the pole (this cloth represents the human intestine). Leading the marching group is always the abbot of Tho Ha Pagoda, with his hands knocking and chanting sutras. The Parade Group walks around the Phuon pole; the circle of people is big and small depending on the number of Buddhists joining or leaving the procession; The time for this ritual is about 1 hour.

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