Fatty meat, pickled onions

When it comes to Tet, every house in Tho Ha ancient village takes care of repairing and decorating the house so that it is spacious, clean and beautiful. Usually, on Tet Ong Cong and Ong Tao, the house renovation work has been completed. At that time, the homeowner will solemnly paste a couple of couplets on both sides of the house column to pray for good fortune and blessings for the whole family. On the 30th, the tree will be erected in front of the door. The fire is burning in the kitchen, there is a pot of banh chung that is evaporating with the aroma of sticky rice and dong leaves spreading everywhere. A very peaceful and cozy atmosphere.

“Fat meat” here is from pork. Pork is one of the number one food sources of Vietnamese people in daily life, especially during Tet, anniversaries, festivals… Like the usual dishes, we still eat pork every day. don’t get bored. Pork is an indispensable menu. It is present in every meal, from simple everyday life to sophisticated luxury. “Fat meat” here is of course pork with a lot of fat. But fatty meat also includes types of meat that are classified and filtered out when Tho Ha ancient village people kill pigs: fat, pork belly, pork belly, shoulder meat, meat On the previous New Year’s Day, after filtering out all the fat, frying the water to save it for the rest of January, the lean loin was pounded and the remaining meat was processed into different types of meat. food for Tet.

Fatty meat with onions is not just for eating something like that. In fact, it is a scientific combination in the culinary art of our ancestors. Because pickled onions are a fermented food containing many beneficial bacteria for the intestinal tract, helping to protect and upgrade the intestinal mucosa, create enzymes to support digestion, strengthen the immune system to protect the body.

Tho Ha ancient village people always attaches great importance to harmony and balance “yin and yang”. Therefore, eating banh chung, fatty pork rolls with melon and onions makes a meal full of flavor. With high-protein, high-fat foods, natural pickles will make people eat less full, digest well, beneficial for health.

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