Father’s Word

When I was a child in Tho Ha ancient village, my brother and I were often asked by the neighbor’s aunt and uncle: “How many times have we been tried by the court today?!”. That’s because, it seems that my brother and I are “taught in class” by our father every day with a clear, firm voice with a cold, stern expression like a judge. At that time, just seeing his father’s pitiful face flashed up was enough for us to know what he was about to say and do. My father’s words, although I tried to forget at times, have become more and more imprinted in my mind until now.

Morning came to my brothers and sisters back then usually very early in Tho Ha ancient village. Also because, when it was not yet morning, when my brother and I were still sleepy, my father stood at the head of the bed and called: “Get up to take care of the toilet, clean up so that you can eat and drink, go to school and go to work!”. Hearing their father’s call, the brothers, even with their eyes closed, frantically got out of bed, went to the well to wash their faces, and then went to work. My brothers and I also memorized the words that our father set up the housework for each child when he was about to go to work; Father’s words loudly every time he comes home from work, he finds the house is messy, the housework has not been done by the brothers; especially the explanations, interrogations, and judgments in my father’s spanking whenever my brothers and I made a mistake..

Remembering the times when my father was angry, the atmosphere in my family was overwhelming, because no one dared to say a word, making the whole house silent, heavy and scary. The father’s words are repeated over and over again, monotonously annoying. At times, I secretly blamed my father for being so difficult, from speaking to words to studying, working… all had to be like this. Otherwise, he will be “gifted” by his father immediately for the “unforgettable song”, more seriously, his father will take the whip to make “eels” float full of people! Therefore, many times, I often hide my eyes, do not want to be close to my father, even I hate him…

Growing up following the pattern that my father had molded from a young age in Tho Ha ancient village, my brothers and I understood him more and more and loved him more and more. Grandma died when his father was only 4 years old. Father’s childhood was the days when he was hungry, his clothes were torn, and he had to rely on beans. Growing up in the love of his grandfather and the protection of his neighbors, his father soon joined the army and fortunately returned after the war against the US. Then the parents come together with empty hands, the family is poor, there are many children, the father has to work hard to expect the children to be human. Maybe that’s why my father had harsh words with my brothers.

When I became an adult, had a family, had to be independent in a foreign land, I realized that I really appreciated the words of my father in the past, and realized that it was my father, not anyone else, who was the first teacher in my life. my life! The words of his father, even though they are repeated to the point of monotony, are all the right things in life, must know how to live worthy. Those words, although difficult to hear, are valuable practical experiences for us to step firmly into life, ready to face difficulties and challenges… And most of all, they are gut-wrenching words, from the good wishes of the father for his children.

Now my father is over 70 years old in Tho Ha ancient village. For a long time, I no longer see him say harsh, harsh words like before, instead of a calm, cheerful look. And my brothers, by now, everyone knows what to do by themselves. I feel like I’m like my father again, and I want to tell my children more, especially when they make mistakes…


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