Fascinating manmen specialties of the H’Mong ethnic group in Sapa

Chew a small piece of men men, take a sip of the broth, you will find the flesh in your mouth, the more you chew it, the more delicious it is, the sweet, a natural taste of the mountains. In winter, men men are often served with dried chili to warm up, dispel the cold “cutting flesh” of the Northwest mountains. When traveling to Sapa Vietnam, you will meet many ethnic minorities, but most of them are H’Mong. H’Mong people often live on high mountain slopes, difficult for trade and exchange of goods, do not have conditions to grow wet rice. Therefore, maize is their main food crop. Since then, people have created and processed the dish Men men to replace rice. Since then, Men mén has become an indispensable dish for many generations of the H’Mong people in Sapa and the Northwest.

Mémén is the way to call it in Mandarin (Chinese) which means steamed cornmeal. According to the local people’s experience, men men made from local corn varieties are the most delicious in Sapa Vietnam. Hybrid corn, commercial corn can’t do this. One of the indispensable spices and increasing the attractiveness of the dish is adding chili sauce, bean curd, herbs. Eating men men must be slow, chew thoroughly to feel the full flavor. Menmen when ripe has a fragrant, flexible, very rich taste, very fleshy and greasy. Eating men men is always accompanied by a bowl of soup. H’mong people often eat this dish with pumpkin soup, chayote soup … easy to eat, easy to swallow without choking, adding to the attractiveness of the dish.

The H’Mong people believe that being a H’Mong girl, she must know how to embroider, love her husband and children, take care of her parents-in-law, and especially know how to cook Men’s dishes. It can be seen that mem mén is not only a specialty but also a culinary culture, showing the life concept of the H’Mong people. For the H’Mong, diligence and perseverance have become important qualities to make the national specialty – Men men. An indispensable dish in festivals, Tet, markets. Refer to Sapa tour 2 at 3 pm to come to Sapa Vietnam to enjoy other special dishes here

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