Fansipan weather by season

Fansipan not only attracts tourists thanks to its natural beauty, but it also impresses because the weather in Fansipan is extremely special. About 10km from Sapa Vietnam, Fansipan weather has many similarities with this city. Spring here is around March, April, and May of the solar calendar. At that time, the temperature on the top of Fansipan is not too cold, the average temperature falls between 13 and 20 degrees Celsius.

The weather at night is still very cold, but during the day it is warmer, suitable for early spring trips to discover the beauty of Sapa Vietnam, at the beginning of the new year. Summer in Fansipan is around June, July, and August of the solar calendar. At that time, Fansipan brought the weather of 4 seasons in a day. It will be chilly early in the morning, very similar to spring in the Northwest. At noon, when the sun is bright red, it makes people feel like summer sunshine, in the afternoon the sun is gentle like an autumn picture, at night the temperature drops sharply, bringing a distinct winter feeling. This is an interesting experience about Fansipan weather that will make visitors here extremely impressed.

Autumn is here in September, October, and November of the solar calendar. The autumn weather is very cool, the sky seems to be blue and higher. The average temperature of autumn in Sapa Vietnam, is about 15-17 degrees Celsius. At this time, Sapa Vietnam, also enters the ripe rice season with brilliant and shiny beauty on the terraced fields.

Fansipan winter is around December, January & February of the solar calendar. The daytime temperature at Fansipan peak is about 7 degrees Celsius and at night is about 0 to 3 degrees Celsius. You can “snow hunting” at Fansipan peak when the temperature drops further, remember to prepare warm clothes.

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