Fansipan – the legendary mountain and the dream of conquering the top of the sky

Fansipan in SaPa VietNam, in the local language, has another name, Hua Xi Pan, which means a giant precarious stone. With an altitude of 3,143m, this is the highest mountain of all 3 Indochina countries; At the same time, it is also the mountain range with the most complex terrain in the region.

According to data from the Vietnam Institute of Geology, the whole of Fansipan is a giant granite block that broke out from deep in the ground thanks to specific geological tectonic activities from more than 250 million years ago. Seen from above, the entire peak of the “big brother” mountain is like a hand suddenly reaching up from the surface of the deep green forest, reaching out to the sky and clouds.

No one knows exactly: Who was the first person to open the mountain and break the rock to find the way to the top of the sky in SaPa VietNam? There is also no exact document recording how difficult and difficult the journey to reach the roof of Indochina was in the past. The faded traces of history have been covered by the dust of hundreds of years. The only thing that remains attested is the extent of… the horror of the old jungle trail.

In a letter to To Hoai in 1964, writer Nguyen Tuan wrote: “Hoai. It took me 5 days to climb Hoang Lien Son both up and down. The person is tired and the knee is very painful. I was on the highest peak to see azaleas blooming beautifully…In my life, in every spring, I have never seen so many clouds and flowers. It’s cold up here, it’s raining and windy like a storm, always have a bottle of strong wine to fight the mountain air…”

A year after Nguyen set foot on the high point of 3,143m and returned, the first mission to measure and survey to conduct geological mapping of Hoang Lien area was officially born. In 1965, geologist E.P. Izokh in the group of Soviet experts continued to cross the forest, cross the ravine to Fan in his dream of first mapping and geologicalizing the legendary Hua Xi Pan in SaPa VietNam

Under the feet of the ancestors, the forest road to the roof of Indochina was gradually opened. The time to the top is also shortening, but the feeling of being overcome all, surpassing yourself to stand… on the roof of the sky, looking down at the sea of clouds and running is still like a brandy that has been brewed for many years. , easy to get addicted to, easy to get drunk and easy… to cause memory loss. It is that kind of drunken yeast that has made hundreds and thousands of people over the past few decades still carry backpacks and stick in their hands to cross the forest and cross streams to once “breathe” the smog on the top of the roof of Indochina.

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