Exploring Mo Waterfall

From Lao Cai city, follow Highway 70 to Km17, in Ban Cam commune near Sapa Vietnam, continue going about 1 km according to the signboard and you will come to the beautiful Thac Mo eco-tourism area. This place is only 17 km from Lao Cai city, and it is quite convenient in terms of traffic, so many tourists have chosen to come here to travel and relax on weekends.

Going through the gate of the tourist area, the space is wide open in front of the eyes with the impressive natural landscape. The whole campus is surrounded by trees. The huts are arranged alternately among the green trees to help visitors feel comfortable and cool. Coming to Thac Mo eco-tourism area, visitors will experience fun and entertainment services suitable for both adults and children, arranged in each zone, including swimming pools, children’s play, etc. camping, outdoor BBQ, homestay… surrounded on all sides by murmuring waterfalls and green trees all year round.

With only 50,000 VND/person, visitors can visit and experience accompanying services at Thac Mo eco-tourism area such as waterfall viewing, swimming, and photography. In addition, with a large area and large space, Thac Mo eco-tourism area is also a convenient place to organize team building activities, camping, picnics, extracurricular activities, experience life skills. .

Ms. Tran Quynh Trang, from Son Dao street, Lao Cai city said: Last week, me and a group of friends decided to choose Thac Mo eco-tourism area to experience. We had a full day here, both taking pictures, having an outdoor BBQ party, and having a fun campfire in the evening. The highlight for this eco-tourism area to attract many people is the beauty of Thac Mo stream near Sapa Vietnam. Beneath the winding stream, there are vertical waterfalls with white foam, creating an interesting natural landscape. Many visitors enjoy sitting on the rafts floating to admire the scenery, play with the cool water, experience as if they are lost in the future. Below is a stream of clear water, above is a blue sky with colorful flowers blooming, making visitors forget their fatigue.

Coming to Mo Waterfall near Sapa Vietnam, visitors will have the opportunity to feel the peace in front of the majestic and wild space of the mountainous region with fresh air… all will create a memorable experience in the journey of discovery. Everyone’s beautiful nature.

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