Explore the Ma Tien cave floors

To get inside to explore Ma Tien cave near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, you first need to take a boat across Dong Thai lake to reach the foot of the mountain. After that, visitors will have to follow the mountainside, climb about 100 more steps to reach the cave entrance. Unlike other caves, the entrance of Ma Tien cave is not located at the foot of the mountain, but hovers from the mountainside. Therefore, from the outside, Ma Tien cave looks like a big fish, opening its mouth ready to wait for visitors to visit.

In addition, those who love to explore the wild and peaceful beauty of nature can also visit Dong Thai Lake right next to it. The green surface of the lake in the middle of the vast and majestic mountains will make visitors feel all the peaceful beauty here. There is nothing more wonderful than sitting next to a clear blue lake, watching nature, heaven and earth and listening to the chirping of birds echoing through the mountains and forests.

Stepping inside the cave, visitors will come to the first floor of the cave. In Ma Tien cave near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, the ground is not as flat as other caves, but overlaps to create different undulating high and low layers that attract many visitors who are passionate about exploring. Step further inside, visitors will be immersed in the world of stone. Many rocks with different shapes and sizes are arranged alternately to create a unique but very attractive rock picture. Exploring the first floor of the cave, visitors need to pay careful attention with each step because the terrain is uneven and the perennial rocks in the wet environment are very favorable for the growth of moss, which is easy to slip for people. visiting tourists. In addition, besides the main cave, on the first floor there are countless different caves. Each cave has its own beauty with its own resonance as an invaluable gift of nature waiting for visitors to visit.

After exploring the first cave, just pass through a narrow cave entrance, visitors can admire the beauty of the second floor. The second floor of the cave is high, wide, and large, with up to 5 main chambers and each room has a unique design. a different beauty full of novelty, rustic but also very mysterious and attractive. West of the 2nd floor is Tien’s room. This is the most beautiful, highest, most airy and coolest room. In particular, in the fairy’s room, there is a beautiful jade well with cool water streams that are always green all year round. Exploring Ma Tien cave near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, visitors do not need to prepare a flashlight because the cave is always illuminated by the 3 system of open-air from the top. Stepping into the cave, visitors will see the beauty of the warm golden rays of the sun shining through the cave entrance into the space of the caves, brightening up a large space.

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