Explore Ham Rong Mountain Sapa

The campus area of Ham Rong Mountain eco-tourism area in Sapa Vietnam is up to 148 hectares. The mountain is 1850 m high with many miniatures, bright and beautiful flower gardens. Natural and artificial beauty combine and blend together to create an attractive natural space. Construction work started in 1996 in order to exploit the natural and cultural values of the hills and mountains in a wild way. The higher you go, the more beautiful the scenery, if you want to reach the top, you have to go through stone steps to access many unique miniatures. The central flower garden at Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa Vietnam is an area that owns flower trees by talented artisans, skillfully arranged into the word Sapa, extremely beautiful and delicate, with a very European and very Western style. You can climb to the higher stone steps to get a panoramic view of the beautiful blooming flower garden.

The flowers here are all imported from France, Russia… and hundreds of Japanese cherry trees tested in Vietnam. Soon there will be another European flower production area. You can freely buy all kinds of flowers to grow at home to see every day. Thach Lam rock garden seems to make you lost in the fairyland with stone slabs reminiscent of dragon claws, dragon scales look very special and interesting.

This area owns a lot of giant cliffs, which are artifacts of nature, so you will probably be amazed by the wild beauty that nature bestows. Thach Lam rock garden is the most chosen place to check-in at Ham Rong Mountain because of the small, poetic winding roads, the stone maze that can’t find the way out… Can you feel the charm of nature? is the mill here?

The garden of the 12 zodiac animals is interspersed with gerberas, fairy hair… the garden has a sturdy concrete bridge spanning the stone statue of a goat. The pictures of the 12 zodiac animals are arranged in many different locations around the two sides of the road, so you can easily and comfortably take pictures and check-in here. The Japanese peach garden at Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa Vietnam will bloom beautifully on New Year’s Day. There are also varieties of peach and peach trees belonging to the group of ancient peach trees with extremely wide flower crowns, large beautiful flowers and thick petals. Every spring, the peach garden at Ham Rong Mountain is crowded with family and friends coming to play and enjoy flowers, so the atmosphere is always bustling and full of laughter.

The whole orchid garden has 200 different orchid varieties, also because of the cold climate all year round at 15-18 degrees Celsius, this flower grows very well. Orchids are rare and expensive flowers because of the ethereal and beautiful beauty they bring, but taking care of them is quite difficult. You don’t have to waste time looking for an orchid garden in Sapa because Ham Rong Mountain is one of the places where most of the orchids are concentrated. in that life. Cloud yard, also known as Thien Dinh Court, is the “coordinate” of the best view at Ham Rong Mountain. Have you ever known the feeling of clouds winding under your feet, floating on clouds? Looking down from San May, you will cover all of Sapa Vietnam, Muong Hoa valley, Cat Cat village and also beautiful and poetic terraced fields. Following the cliffs and walking for another 10 minutes, the Heaven Gate is brilliant when the golden sunlight shines through the clouds. This valuable moment will become an unforgettable memory in your Ham Rong Mountain. Many famous photographers, from professional to amateur, have come to this place to be able to hunt clouds through their wonderful lenses. It will be more perfect, if you can wait until the afternoon, the sunset is more brilliant and perfect than ever. 2,000 meters above sea level, Sapa telecommunications station is the second main sightseeing coordinate at Ham Rong Mountain. This place can observe the highest “Roof of Indochina” in Southeast Asia – Fasipan.

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