Experience in the motionlessness of space

In March, you will clearly feel the fragrance of mountain flowers such as peaches, plums, etc., weaving in the wind and in the dew. Not far from Ham Rong mountain in Sapa Vietnam, visitors can find moments to settle down in front of the old church in the town and from the town go back to the northeast on the way to Ta Phin cave, there is a monastery built almost All stone, on a clear, airy hillside. Through the monastery, walk three kilometers in the north to Ta Phin cave, in the cave many stalactites create interesting shapes such as dancing fairies, sitting fairies, distant fields, sparkling forests.

It seems that from the church to the monastery and the cave is an experience in the immobility of space and time to forget the constant worries and fatigue. If you want to feel this more clearly, you can go to the famous ancient stone beach. The rocky beach stretching 8km2 with nearly 200 stone blocks is a legacy of the appearance of prehistoric people in Sapa Vietnam. The stone slabs carved many strange shapes of ancient inhabitants thousands of thousands of wedges ago that many archaeologists have yet to decipher. There are strange patterns on the stone with many shapes: stairs, people, roads, writing… there are circular grooves quite similar to the sun symbol and many fancy lines.

In October 1994, Sapa ancient rock field was recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Information as a national historical relic and is currently being proposed by the state to UNESCO as a world cultural heritage. Talking about Sapa Vietnam is talking about a land with many rich and diverse cultural layers, but very unique with festivals such as the “Roong poo” festival of the Giay Ta Van people, the “Sai San” – mountain biking festival of the Giay Ta Van people. Hmong people, “Tet dance” of the Red Dao people, all take place in January and February of the lunar calendar every year.

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